Contact Information
Office Location: EE Just Hall Room 141
Office Telephone: 202-806-6950
Laboratory Location: EE Just Hall Room 238, G40, G44

B.S., Zoology, Howard University (1961)
Ph.D., Brown University (1966)

Honors Mentorship (317)
Advanced Cytology (416)

Mechanisms of estrogen action
Reproductive Biology

Research Personnel
Ayele Gugssa - Reseaerch Technician

Grants and Funding Wards
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI): Professor (2006-Present)
Presidential Excellence Award: National Science Foundation (NSF) (2011-2014)
Health Disparities Research Through International Exchange NIH-T37 (2013-2018)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Undergraduate Education Enhancement (2014-2019)

Research Detailed

The Laboratory of Cellular and Reproductive Biology is a multidisciplinary laboratory in which students and faculty are engaged in research in the following topics:

Mechanism of action of estrogen; synthesis of estrogen-induced peroxidase as a marker for estrogen action in estrogen-dependent breast tumors and normal uterine endometrium; immunocytochemical localization of oncogene and signal transduction proteins in estrogen-dependent and independent breast cancer cell lines; growth of hormone-dependent tumors in athymic nude mice; binding and signal transduction induced by human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in corpus luteal cells; localization of enzymes and DNA in mitochondria of corpus luteum after hCG treatment; immunocytochemical localization of apoptotic proteins in cultured cell lines; androgen-induced synthesis of bone growth factors; synthesis and utilization of blood substitutes (stroma free hemoglobin); internalization of trypanosomes in to macrophages in vitro; binding of malarial parasites to cultured endothelial cells.

The Laboratory is fully equipped to perform most modern cell and molecular biology techniques, including: transmission electron microscopy; microscopy; videomicroscopy; immunocytochemistry; autoradiography; ultracentrifugation; scintillation counting; HPLC; electrophoresis; PCR research, etc. Students collaborate with faculty in the Laboratory of Cellular Biology and Embryology (Eckberg), Endocrine Laboratory (Hollis), and the Cancer Center Laboratory (Asseffa). Research in this laboratory is supported by a NSF RO1 sub-contract with Brown University. Students also collaborate with scientists at the NIH, Johns Hopkins, Brown University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Training: this laboratory has produced six of the eight Doctorates graduated from the Department of Biology since 1988. Graduates are gainfully employed or pursuing postdoctoral studies at research-intensive universities. The Laboratory accommodates 4 predoctoral trainees currently. To enter this laboratory students must have undergraduate courses in cell biology.

Dr. Anderson is primarily interested in the global laboratory experience for minority students. Through a MIRT grant from the NIH, undergraduate and predoctoral students receive research training in cell and molecular biology at outstanding foreign research sites, including laboratories at the Karolinska, Paris, Lausanne, Lyon, Munich, Milan, Sienna, Chiba in Japan, and Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Cameroons, and the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This program is co-sponsored by the Leadership Alliance program at Brown University.

Under the Professor for the Future Program, minority students at HBCUs with terminal Masters degrees, are given opportunities to pursue the Ph.D. at Howard and other mainstream universities in the Leadership Alliance (23 universities including 8 Ivy schools).

Students are encouraged to pursue summer research and training through the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) at the University of Illinois School of Medicine at Chicago, and the Gateways to the Future program at Cornell Medical School. Students and faculty are also encouraged to conduct research and take courses in cell, development and molecular biology at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass.

Selected Publications


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