Contact Information
Michael Campbell, PhD
Assistant Professor - Department of Biology
Office Location: EE Just Hall Room 340
Office/Lab Number: 202-250-5417
Laboratory Location: EE Just Hall Room 340
Link to Google Scholar: Michael C. Campbell

B.Sc., University of Toronto
M.Sc. University of Oxford
M.Phil., Columbia University
Ph.D., Columbia University

Genetics (BIOL200)
Evolution (BIOL240)
Evolutionary and Systematic Biology (BIOG534)
Evolutionary Medicine (BIOL417)

Full member of Sigma Xi

Research Interests
Population genetic history
Genomic basis of normal variable and complex traits
Complex disease disparities in African Americans

Laboratory Personnel
David McAdoo- Research Assistant
Christopher Cross- PhD Graduate Student
Brandyn White- PhD Graduate Student
Njlaa Bakhsh- PhD Graduate Student
Dana Nara- MPH rotation student, George Washington University

Research Detailed

While there have been advances in the management of complex diseases, such as hypertension and certain types of cancer, in general significant disparities among patient populations still remain. For example, prostate mortality rate is much higher for African American men than for men of European descent. Additionally, population surveys in the US from early in the last century have consistently documented higher blood pressures and related cardiovascular in African Americans compared to individuals of European ancestry. Despite these striking trends, little is known about the genetic and/or environmental factors underlying the increased risk for some complex diseases in individuals of African descent. To address this gap in knowledge, one of the major goals of the Campbell lab is to understand the genetic basis of complex diseases (for example, prostate cancer, prostate cancer and hypertension) that disproportionately affect African and African American populations using wet laboratory and computational methods. In the end, we aim to generate new information regarding the distribution and frequency of variants specific to populations of African descent, which will be informative for the development of targeted treatments based on more personalized genomic variation.

Selected Publications

  Hansen M.E.B.*, Rubel M.A.*, Bailey A.G., Ranciaro A., Thompson S.R., Campbell M.C., Beggs W., Dave J.R., Mokone G.G., Mpoloka S.W., Nyambo T., Abnet C., Chanock S.J., Bushman F.D., and Tishkoff SA.Population structure of human gut bacteria in a diverse cohort from rural Tanzania and Botswana. Genome Biology. 2019 January 21; 20:16. *Contributed equally.
  Mao L, Fang Y, Campbell M, Southerland WM. Population differentiation in allele frequencies of obesity-associated SNPs. BMC Genomics. 2017 Nov 10;18(1):861. doi: 10.1186/s12864-017-4262-9.
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  Campbell, M.C., A. Ranciaro, D. Zinshteyn, R. Rawlings-Goss, J.B. Hirbo, S.I.Thompson, D. Woldemeskel, A. Froment, J.B. Rucker, S.A. Omar, J.-M. Bodo, T. Nyambo, G. Belay, D. Drayna, P. A. S. Breslin, and S.A. Tishkoff (2014) Origin and Differential Selection of Allelic Variation at TAS2R16 Associated with Salicin Bitter Taste Sensitivity in Africa. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 31 (2): 288-302.
  Campbell, M.C., A. Ranciaro, A. Froment, J. Hirbo, S. Omar, J.-M. Bodo, T. Nyambo, G. Lema, D. Zinshteyn, D. Drayna, P.A.S. Breslin, and S.A. Tishkoff (2012) Evolution of Functionally Diverse Alleles Associated with PTC Bitter Taste Sensitivity in Africa. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29(4): 1141-1153.
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