Contact Information
Jack S. Frankel, PhD
Professor - Department of Biology
Office Location: EE Just Hall Room 307
Office Telephone: 202-806-6959
Laboratory Location: EE Just Hall Room 324/326

Ph.D., Rutgers University (1976)

Ichthyology (BIOL407)
Genetics (BIOL200)
Population Genetics (BIOL449)

Research Interests
Development of Interspecific hybrid fishes
Determination of inheritance patterns in teleostean fishes
Genetics of Sceloporus jarrovi populations

Research Detailed

Research in my laboratory focuses on the expression of isozymes during the development of interspecific hybrid fishes. These studies relate the divergence in the regulation and expression of multilocus isozyme systems in interspecific hybrids with those of the parental species utilized in forming the hybrids. Additional studies involve the determination of inheritance patterns for coloration and banding phenotypes in teleostean fishes and the genetics of Sceloporus jarrovi populations.

Selected Publications

Frankel, T.E., Yonkos, L.T., Ampy, F.R., & J.S. Frankel. 2017. Exposure to levonorgestrel increases nest acquisition and decreases sperm motility in male fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, In Press.
Frankel, T.E., Yonkos, L.T. & J.S. Frankel. 2017. Exposure effects of levonorgestrel on oogenesis in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 36:32993304.
Frankel, T.E. & J.S. Frankel. 2017 Negative assortative mating based on body coloration in the freshwater platyfish (Poecillidae: Xiphophorus maculatus). Atlas J. Biol. 2017:371-375.
Porter, A.N. & J.S. Frankel.  2014.  Frequency-dependent mate selection in the guppy (Poeciliidae: Poecilia reticulata).  Atlas J.  Biol.  3(1): 212-217
Frankel, J.S. 2014. The Tiger Barb revisited. AMAZONAS, 3(6):16
Frankel, J.S., Adler-Golden, L. & A.N. Porter. 2012. Inheritance of humeral spotting in the croaking gourami (Osphronemidae: Trichopsis vittatus). Atlas J. Biol. 2:84-87.
Frankel, J.S. 2011. Inheritance of shoulder spotting in the red-base tetra (Characidae: Hemigrammus stictus). Atlas J. Biol. 1:62-65
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